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Lisbet Norris

3-time finisher of the 1000 mile Iditarod

Originally from Willow, Alaska, Lisbet grew up in a dog mushing family. She & her partner Nils operate the Fairbanks branch of Alaskan Kennels, the oldest Siberian Husky kennel in the world, Alaskan Kennels - home of the Anadyr Siberian Husky. The heart of our operation - our beautiful sled dogs - are all AKC registered Siberians. Lisbet has a strong love for the North. She feels at home in the boreal forest of Interior Alaska and loves sharing the northern landscape with others.

Lisbet is a 3-time finisher of the 1000 mile Iditarod, the world’s longest sled dog race. She holds a degree in Northern Studies and History from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Prior to starting Arctic Dog Adventure Co., she worked as a musher and expedition guide for outfitters in Alaska and Arctic Norway and has over a decade of experience guiding dog sled tours and expeditions. Lisbet also teaches dog mushing at the college level at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is known for her leadership qualities under adverse circumstances and through sound preparation and experience, she makes the most unique and challenging adventures possible for her clients!

Lisbet met Nils while on a mushing training trip in Fairbanks. In August of 2016, they bought the Hattie Creek Homestead with the intention of pursuing a nature-based, off-grid, sustainable lifestyle with their sled dogs and Karelian Bear Dogs.

Alaskan Kennels was established in 1947 by Lisbet's grandparents, Earl & Natalie Norris. For over sixty years, preserving the original function and appearance of the Siberian Husky has been the primary focus of our kennel. Alaskan Kennels has come to be known as the preeminent breeder of working Siberian Huskies, producing dogs that compete successfully in both sprint and distance races, an accomplishment few kennels can claim. The main branch of the kennel is located in Willow, AK and operated by Lisbet's parents, J.P. and Kari. 

The Norris' are committed to maintaining the workability of the Siberian Husky. They maintain that participating in sled dog races is the best way to benchmark the breed. Lisbet has devoted the last 5 years to distance racing. She completed the Iditarod, Alaska's famous 1000-mile sled dog race, in 2014, 2015, and 2016, finishing as the #1 Siberian Husky team in 2015 and 2016, each time finishing a day faster than the year before. Lisbet's father, JP, is a sprint musher whose race season culminates each year at the Fur Rendezvous Open Class Sled Dog Race in Anchorage.  Lisbet's mother, Kari, a 2-time veteran of the Iditarod, also devotes her spare time to sprint racing.

The main branch of Alaskan Kennels is located in Willow, AK and is operated by JP and Kari. Puppies, young race dogs, and retirees live there. The young dogs train for the Fur Rendezvous, and the retirees teach the puppies how to be good sled dogs. The Fairbanks branch of Alaskan Kennels -- the Arctic Dog Adventure Co. crew -- is composed of a mix of older dogs: Iditarod veterans, Iditarod hopefuls, and retirees; all happy to live the good life, socializing with visitors and training for winter expeditions and trips.

Charles J. Berger, DVM

Charles Berger is a graduate of Cornell Veterinary College and was the owner and medical director of Campus Veterinary Clinic in Berkeley, California for 35 years. He was the veterinarian, as well as served on the Board of Directors, of the institute that oversaw the largest collection of captive wolves. He also served on the Board of Directors of the International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association and has been the veterinarian for over 30 mid and long distance sled dog races, including many Iditarods and Yukon Quests. He taught several seminars at Dartmouth College through the Osher Foundation, covering the biology of dogs, evolution, and a course contrasting Africa with the Arctic. He has paddled thousands of miles on Alaskan and Yukon Rivers, as well as in Ontario.

Click here to download Charles Berger's Curriculum Vitae


Please Note: While dogs are welcome at the fair, they MUST be leashed at all times and please come prepared to pick up after your dog.

Campers must be pre-registered. Go to our lodging page for more information. help

The Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair & Seminars is only a month away!

WANTED -- Volunteers - Admission is free for workers! Contact Amy @ 866-364-2668 or info@mtnridge.com

JOBS -- set up tables and chairs Friday afternoon, sell raffle tickets, break down tables and chairs Sunday afternoon, help set up rig race Sunday morning, break down rig race Sunday after race and register racers Sunday morning.

Anyone CAMPING on Friday night MUST PRE-REGISTER, DEADLINE TO RECEIVE YOUR CHECK IS SEPTEMBER 27TH, if your plans change your money will be refunded! Go to lodging page for more information or contact info@mtnridge.com

Vendors don’t forget to send in your applications to confirm your space!


Amy :)

As the weather cools and mushers' thoughts turn to training their teams in the crisp fall air, there is mounting anticipation for the Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair and Seminars. This most highly awaited two-day event on the first weekend in October marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall training in earnest. Held for the past 19 years, this annual fair gives a shot of adrenalin to mushers planning their winter season.

With exceptional, world-renowned motivating keynote speakers and practical seminars, the NNESDTFS has something for all levels. From beginners with one husky and a scooter to veteran mushers with many highly trained experienced sled dogs, there is always something new to learn or new equipment to demo. Vendors carry items specifically for mushing -- everything from sleds, dryland training rigs, and related sled dog equipment to t-shirts and warm winter clothing.

Families and just plain dog lovers will also find many exciting things to do and see. Saturday afternoon's raffle drawing is always a fun time with many, many wonderful prizes. Sunday morning's dryland race is always a huge success and great crowd pleaser.

Mostly however the Trade Fair is a wonderful gathering of mushers and dog lovers -- a place to see old friends and make new ones. There is a pot luck barbecue dinner on Saturday night with entertaining dog competitions following. Kick off your season with this fun, educational event.

Written by: Loranne Carey of Snow Star Farm


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